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ViaRail's F40PH-2 locomotives were built by General Motors Diesel in London, Ontario in 3 batches between November 1986 & July 1989. There are Bo-Bo diesel electrics rated at 3000 hp although the drain caused by the passenger car needs can reduce it to 2300 hp. Top speed on locomotives 6400 to 6436 is 95 mph while 6347 to 6458 is 90 mph. They carry CN classifications GPA-30a (6400-19), GPA-30b (6420-29) and GPA-30c (6430-58).
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Link to 6413 at Copetown Link to 6413 passes and reveals Spiderman
Link to 6413 heads train 70 past the construction at Aldershot West Link to VIA 6413 arrives at Aldershot station
Link to 6413 passing Aldershot Link to VIA 70
link to 6413 Link to 6413 at Copetown
Link to VIA 6413 with train 73 Link to VIA 6413

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