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Berlin is a standard gauge system and in 2007 there were 9 MetroTram line s (M1 to M17) & 22 tram line s numbered 12 to 68. Link to Berlin's English language website.

gt6n-ber-mt.jpg (91471 bytes) AEG & ADtranz GT6N  Trams 2040-ber-mt.jpg (148755 bytes) ADtranz & Bombardier GT6NZR (bi-directional)
Link to T6A2-mod photos ČKD T6A2-mod 6088-ber-mt.jpg (76444 bytes) ČKD KT4D-mod
Link to 6100 series trams ČKD KT4D-mod 7065-ber-mt.jpg (81912 bytes) ČKD KT4Dt-mod (thyristor)
Link to Berlin 8000 series trams Flexity Berlin Link to BVG 4592 Party Tram
Link to 217 055-8 Historic Trams
217 055-8    trailer 267 006-1    219 482-1
Berlin trams carry their numbers close to the front door and smaller numbers on the frame on the non-door side. These numbers are difficult to read on some photos which result in some unidentified Berlin trams. Photos for these unidentified units are listed by line numbers at the bottom of the relevant pages.

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