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DT8 (Doppeltriebwagen 8 axle) trams were built by Düwag from 1985 onwards for use in Stuttgart. They are coupled 2-car units (only 1 has a pantograph) which can run on the streets or underground in the city centre.

  • 2-car sets of types DT8.4 to DT8.9 seat 110 passengers and are rated at 888 kW (4 motors) at 750 volts, wheel arrangement is BB+BB. These sets have no connections between cars in the set. Units up to 3104 are fitted with folding steps.

  • DT8-10 sets were built from 1997 to 2000 and have 8 140 kW motors (BoBo+BoBo) total of 1120 kW and seat 108 passengers. Connections between cars in the set.

  • DT8-11 were built from 2003 to 2005. Connections between cars in the set.

636-stut-mt.jpg (116565 bytes) Link to Stuttgart 3232 DT8 Stadtbahn 2-car units
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