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Tatra K2 #1005 & K2MM #1127
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K2 1005 & K2MM 1127
Brno tram system runs on standard gauge tracks and there are 13 routes numbered between 1 & 13. All cars in service are Tatras or Škodas built by ČKD.
1005 is a 1967 Tatra K2 6-axle articulated tram and 1127 was built in 1983 and modernized in 1995 to become a K2MM.

In the western suburbs of Brno near the Krematorium stop, there is a 4 track section used by trams on routes 5,7,8 & 10. K2 1005 (in white) heads west, up hill while modernized K2MM 1127 runs downhill with another route 5 service. Photographed on Sunday October 3rd, 2004, sunny and warm as can be seen by the open roof vents.

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Last Updated: February 08, 2016
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