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Link to my YouTube video of HSR trolleybuses along Barton Street in March 1991
Andy Hyslop drove HSR trolleys from 1980 to 1992 and sent me these notes:

The E700s reused traction motors and other electrical equipment from the CCF Brills.  However, they were never fitted with batteries or generator sets.  After the move to the new Wentworth Garage the few E700s still in service were pushed into, around and out of the garage by a push truck used for that purpose.  There was little overhead installed in the new garage (only a short section in the shop area).

The E800s (the 7800s) all had new traction equipment.  Later, generator sets were installed to permit "off wire" running because the new garage had been planned without overhead.  The transit commissioner had expected all the trolleys would be gone before the move-in occurred.  He favoured CNG buses over trolleys.

The last CCF Brills (held in storage for several years) were disposed of in the early 1980s by the HSR.

It is worth noting the generator sets were very noisy in use and so were never operated with passengers on board.  They also proved very unreliable and as they broke were soon not repaired.

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