Flag of the Netherlands

Den Haag Trams
HTM Personenvervoer N.V.

EU Flag

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Link to my YouTube video of HTM trams
Link to HTM 1139 1957 La Brugeoise PCC Link to 1981 HTM trams
Link to HTM 1982 built trams 1982 built GTL8 Link to HTM 3068
Link to 1984 HTM trams Link to HTM 3110
Link to HTM 3116 Link to HTM 4035 2006 built Regio Citadis
4001 to 4040 series
Link to HTM 4045 2007 built Regio Citadis
4041 to 4054 series
Link to HTM 4058


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Last Updated: March 21, 2013
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