Polish Flag Class ET22 Electric Locomotives
(Numbered 1 to 599)
Polish Flag

1183 members of class ET22 were built by Pafawag between 1969 & 1989.  They are rated at 3000 kW, 4021 hp with a top speed of 125 km/h, 78 mph. They ride on Co-Co trucks.

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Link to ET22-051 with EU07 205 at Katowice ET22-051 Link to ET22-158 at Zebrzydowice ET22-158
Link to ET22-171 ET22-171 Link to ET22-206 ET22-206
ET22 357 at Krakow with train D34100/1 ET22-357 Link to ET22-373 ET22-373
Link to ET22 390 ET22-390 Link to ET22-520 ET22-520


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Last Updated: June 28, 2017

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