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Notes on Polish diesel classification schemes:

S (spalinowa) means Internal Combustion

P are primarily passenger
T are primarily freight
U are mixed traffic
M are shunting

01-09 have mechanical gearboxes, non Multiple Unit fitted
10-14, have mechanical gearboxes, MU fitted
15-24, hydraulic transmission, non MU
25-29, hydraulic transmission, MU fitted
30-39, diesel-electric, non MU
40-49, diesel electric, MU fitted
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Link to SM31 054 SM31 Co-Co Diesel loco Link to SM42 245 SM42 Bo-Bo Diesel locomotive
Link to SU42-505 SU42 Bo-Bo Diesel locomotive 


st43-mt.jpg (93688 bytes) ST43 Co-Co Diesel locomotive
255-su45-a-mt.jpg (70535 bytes) SU45 Co-Co Diesel locomotive Link to SU46 011 SU46 Co-Co Diesel Locomotive

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