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hk-sign.jpg (21078 bytes) The Southern Railway used painted enamel station signs under the canopies and on station lamposts. The Southern Region continued this practice with an elongated sign and the use of Gill Sans lettering. These signs are now prized collectors items. putney.jpg (22100 bytes)

SOUTHERN Concrete & the Art Deco Period

The London & South Western Railway had a cast concrete plant at Exmouth and used pre-cast concrete for fence panels, posts, signs and footbridges, to name just a few. In 1923 the LSWR was grouped with other railways in the south to form the Southern Railway and they continued to use these products. New station buildings and the "glasshouse" signal-boxes of the 1930's continued this corporate image. Malden Manor on the Motspur Park-Chessington branch is an example of this new corporate style as is Surbiton Station.


substa.jpg (41704 bytes) Sub station for the 3rd rail feed.  sr-mile-post.jpg (33844 bytes) Cast concrete mile post. 
grad-post.jpg (48834 bytes) Cast concrete gradient and mile posts.  lpost.jpg (16829 bytes) Concrete Lampposts 
conc-fence.jpg (31710 bytes) Concrete Fencing  dart-lpost.jpg (25490 bytes) Island Platform lamppost 
east-sign.jpg (21610 bytes) Station Nameboard sign.jpg (35531 bytes)  ex-LSWR warning notice
chair-trk.jpg (27955 bytes) A chair to hold Bullhead Rail.  ryde-start.jpg (22887 bytes) Ryde Pier Station Starting signal
hurst-grn.jpg (22301 bytes) Concrete footbridge.  conc_hut3.jpg (58349 bytes) Concrete permanent way huts. 

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fence1.jpg (51182 bytes) fence2.jpg (65213 bytes)

These photos of concrete fencing on the FS (Ferrovie dello Stato Italia) were taken in June 2000 at Preganziol and Treviso respectively. These stations are on the Venice to Udine line in North-East Italy.

Post Postscript
Miskolc-fence-mt.jpg (134775 bytes) This photo from Miskolc in eastern Hungary shows a more ornate design in concrete fencing. Photographed on October 24, 2003.
Link to concrete planter at Lysá nad Labem Concrete planter at Lysá nad Labem, CZ

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