My Bluebell Railway Pictures
from my vacations 1969-1977, 1992, 1995 & 1999

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My Photo Index - In order of date built

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LSWR 4-4-2T 488 Built Glasgow ( Neilson & Co ) 1885

488-e.jpg (20857 bytes) Photographed in June 1974, 488 enters Horsted Keynes Station with a train that includes one of the blue Mark I non-corridor coaches.
488-a.jpg (31383 bytes) In June 1972, 488 was being overhauled at Swindon Works. The driving wheels of the loco clearly show the eccentrics for operating the valve gear. The loco frame can be seen in the background.
488-b.jpg (29011 bytes) Another shot inside Swindon works comparing 488 driving wheels with those from a class 08 shunter.
488-c.jpg (32219 bytes) Third shot inside Swindon works. 488 was being worked on next to a class 52 Western diesel hydraulic. There were about 8 class 52 in the shop, while Warships and a class 22 were being cut up outside.
488-d.jpg (31999 bytes) Basking in the late afternoon sun in June 1974. 488 has arrived at Horsted Keynes with a train including Maunsell brake comp 6686.
golden-488.jpg (39757 bytes) 488 travels through platform 3&4 as it runs around it's train at Horsted Keynes in June 1976.

From this angle, I think, the loco shares cab similarities with the Sentinel Y1 shunters.


LB&SCR 0-6-2T 473 "Birch Grove" Built Brighton 1898

473.jpg (16445 bytes) Photographed in June 1970, 473 rests in the down siding at Sheffield Park. It had last operated in 1971 and it's return to steam in 1998 was a great event for Brighton enthusiasts.

Compare this view with the present and see how far the Bluebell has progressed.


SE&CR 0-6-0T P Class Built Ashford 1909

27.jpg (29108 bytes) This view of SECR 27 was taken in June 1969 and shows the intricate lining carried by this locomotive.
27a.jpg (29445 bytes) P tank engine 27 carries the livery of the South Eastern & Chatham Railway. Photographed on a rainy Sunday morning in June 1974, number 27 is taking water at the south end of Sheffield Park Station.
pioneer-II.jpg (28650 bytes) Ex-BR class P tank engine 31178 carries the livery of Bowater's Paper. Photographed in June 1970, this loco had only arrived in Oct 69.

GWR 4-4-0 3217 "Earl of Berkley" Built Swindon 1936

3217.jpg (28609 bytes) In June 1973, 3217 doubleheads a northbound train with a Brighton Terrier. The photo was taken on the 1 in 75(1.3% grade) climb of Freshfield bank. These locomotives used parts from both the GWR Duke classes and Buldog classes to become known as the Dukedogs.

SR 0-6-0 C1 Built Brighton May 1942

c1-a.jpg (32387 bytes) c1-b.jpg (17149 bytes) c1-c.jpg (42363 bytes)

On the August Bank Holiday weekend of 1995, the lone surviving Bulleid Austerity was in service. The centre photo shows the enclosed cab and the tender filler cap on the right hand side. The loco is on loan from the NRM.

33001_mt.jpg (41778 bytes)

The same locomotive in June 1999 re-liveried to its British Railways days as 33001 for a photo charter.


SR 4-6-2 21C123 "Blackmore Vale" Built Brighton February 1946

21c-steamy.jpg (26050 bytes) Bulleid Pacific 21C123 makes an explosive departure from Sheffield Park Station in June 1976. It was the first trip of the morning and the cylinder drain cocks are left open for a longer time so that any water in the 3 cylinders will be exhausted.
21C123-a.jpg (34609 bytes) 21C123 running around it's train at Sheffield Park in June 1976. The H class and USA tanks are seen in the background along with the former engine works.
bmvale2.jpg (24369 bytes) bmvale3.jpg (39112 bytes) bmvale5.jpg (25263 bytes)

BR 4-6-0 75027 Built Swindon 1952

75027.jpg (32110 bytes)

British Railways Standard 4MT 75027's safety valves lift just prior to departure from Horsted Keynes in June 1974.
75027-a.jpg (21702 bytes) BR Standard 4MT 75027 gleams in the early morning sun as it is being prepared next to the water tank at Sheffield Park in June 1974.

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