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This railway is 12 km long and runs in the hills of Buda, above the city. It has a tunnel and viaduct and is operated mostly by children from 12 to 16. Pioneers worked the trains previously (except for driving the engine) as hands-on training for an adult career with the Hungarian Railways. The line is operated by MÁV and runs from Széchenyi-hegy to Hüvösvölgy. Track gauge is 760mm, 30 inches.
An enjoyable round-trip can be made using the Cog Railway and tram 56 from the city.

*   These photos were taken on "Republic Day", October 23rd, 2003. 
October 23 commemorates the beginning of the 1956 revolution, which was led by students who wanted to change the political system. Hundreds of people died or were imprisoned and thousands were forced to flee the country. When Hungary became an independent republic in 1989, October 23 was chosen as the day on which independence would be proclaimed, to honour those who had fought in 1956.


Gyermekvasút Locomotives
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Gyermekvasút Stations
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