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The Appenzeller Bahnen operate a network of metre gauge lines linking Altstätten, Gais, Appenzell, Gossau & St. Gallen over the hillsides within the arc of the SBB/CFF lines from Buchs to St Gallen via St Margrethen. Some of the lines use cog rail for the steepest inclines and some of the trackage follows the local roads and streams. Many services are operated by multiple units. The current company was formed in 1988 by the merger of the Appenzellbahn (AB) and St. Gallen-Gais-Appenzell (SGA).
Locomotive Ge4/4 I number 1 Ge4/4 I Electric Locomotive  017-ab-mt.jpg (99936 bytes)


BDeh4/4 Electric Motor Unit
B is 2nd class, D indicates bicycle/luggage area, e for electric, h is for rack equipped and 4/4 shows all 4 axles are powered.
Link to BDe4/4 34

Not rack equipped.

BDe4/4 Electric Motor Unit   Link to BDe4/4 46 BDe4/4 Electric Motor Unit  
Link to BCFeh4/4 5


BCFeh4/4 Nostalgia Motor Unit   
B is 2nd class, C is 3rd class, F indicates luggage & parcels area, e for electric, h is for rack equipped and 4/4 shows all 4 axles are powered
117-app-mt.jpg (124544 bytes) ABt Steuerwagen
Lnbk to SGA Historic Coach Nostalgia Coaches in SGA Livery  Link to Xm1/2 51 Xm1/2 Catenary Work Unit 
97-a-mt.jpg (139511 bytes) Tm2/2 97 Diesel Shunter    98-b-mt.jpg (114855 bytes) Tm2/2 98 Diesel Shunter
Link to Wilen Station Stations App-bahn-mt.jpg (108753 bytes) View from the rack section

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