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26 112

The Attergaubahn is a metre gauge railway which runs from a small station across the tracks from the ÖBB station at Vöcklamarkt to Attersee. It is electrified at 750 Volt  overhead. The railway is a division of Stern & Hafferl Holdings. 

26111 & 26112 were originally built in 1951 for the BTB (Baselland Transport) in Switzerland and numbered BCe 4/4 8 & 9 until 1956 when the class was changed to ABe 4/4. In 1984 they were stored and in 1988 were sold to the Traunseebahn  and re-numbered 23.109 & 23.110. In 1999 they were transferred to the Attergaubahn and renumbered 26.111 & 26.112. 

Unit 26112 at Vöcklamarkt, with its pantographs changed over,  is ready to return as train R8320 (13:13 to Attersee) on Thursday September 26th, 2002.

Link to the Stern & Hafferl  web site (in German) Select Bahnen.

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Last Updated: September 13, 2013
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