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24104 at Lambach.

The Haager Lies is a standard gauge railway which runs from Lambach for 27 km north-westerly to Haag am Hausruck. It is electrified at 750 Volt overhead and can operate on the 15 kV into the ÖBB station. The railway is a division of Stern & Hafferl Holdings. It seats 58 second class passengers,  has a top speed of 75 km/h, 47 mph and is rated at 198 kW, 265 hp. There are 2 powered axles, 1 in each truck giving a wheel arrangement of  1A-A1.
It was built in 1950 by Graaf Elze (serial number 7385) with AEG electrical components for the Bad Eilsener Kleinbahn in Germany as their ET204. On the BEK, it ran on 600 V with a top speed of 40 km/h. In 1967 it was sold to the Montafonerbahn where it was adapted to 800 V and regeared to 75 km/h and renumbered it as B4ET 10.101. In 1972 the MBS upgraded it run on either 800 V direct or 15,000 V AC. MBS sol it to Stern & Hafferl in 1991 and it acquired number ET 24.104 where it runs on 750V.

Unit 24104 has just arrived in Lambach with train 8263 (14:09 from Haag am Hausruck) and will return at 15:18 as train 8264. Thursday September 26th, 2002. 

Link to the Stern & Hafferl  web site (in German) Select Bahnen.

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