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Privately Owned Locomotives Operating in Germany
"S" to "Z"

German Flag

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Link to SGL 203 Schienen Güter Logistik GmbH, Dachau 715-a-speno-mt.jpg (86376 bytes) Speno Rail Grinding Train
Link to 345 107-7 Stefan Lohr (ex-IBL, ex-DB, ex-DDR)    Link to Sudzucker shunter Südzucker Regensburg
Link to TLG Transport und Logistik GmbH (TLG)  Link to TWE V156 TWE-Teutoburger-Wald-Eisenbahn
Link to 185 531-1 TXL - TXLogistik Link to Vossloh 650 108-0 Vossloh Locomotives GmbH
009-wab-mt.jpg (90404 bytes) Westfälische Almetalbahn 216-122-mt.jpg (102823 bytes) Wiebe 


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Last Updated: July 18, 2015
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