Vision expenses for salaried employees
who retired prior to August 1, 1989

Contact Ford Personnel Services first when requesting any form.

If you retired After Aug 1989 Click Here

1. Question
How often can I purchase a pair of glasses under the vision car program?

You may submit a claim for lenses and frames once every (24) months. (see exceptions)

2. Question
How do I determine the last date on which I submitted a claim under the vision program?

Contact  Maritime Life @ 416-480-6334  or 1-800-387-8904 or contact your optician/optometrist/opthamologist.

3. Question
Can I submit a claim for contact lenses under the vision care program?

Yes. However you are only allowed to submit a claim once every (24) months for either glasses or contacts, but not both.

4. Question
What is the maximum payment for lenses and frames?

The maximum payment for frames is approximately $50.00. The amount payable towards lenses cannot be determined until the claim is submitted to Maritime Life

5. Question
What is the maximum payable for contact lenses?

The maximum payable for contact lenses is $170.00 - flat rate.

6. Question
Who pays for the eye examination?

O.H.I.P. pays for the eye examination once every (2) years for those under Age 65 and once every year for those age 65 and older. Note: if you suffer From a medical condition which requires more frequent eye Examinations, contact your optometrist or opthamologist for Information on O.H.I.P. coverage.

7. Question
I broke my glasses (6) months after purchasing them. Can I submit a claim for new glasses?

No. You can only submit a claim once every (24) months. The plan does provide some coverage for frame repairs. Have your optometrist or Optician contact Maritime Life to determine if required frame repair is covered.

8. Question
If I purchase a pair of magnifying glasses from a drugstore or dept. Store can I submit a claim to Maritime Life?


9. Question..Cataracts
I had cataracts removed from my eye last month and my opthamologist has now prescribed new lenses. How do I submit a claim?

If you require new lenses following cataract surgery the claim is submitted through the prosthetic appliance program. The claim must be accompanied by a note from the opthamologist stating that the lens change is required due to cataract surgery. Submit pay direct claim form GB1831 along with a paid receipt and the opthamologist's note.

Form GB1831 covers all retirees regardless of retirement date.


I suffer from diabetes and require frequent lens changes. Will the vision care program pay for lenses in this case?

A covered person with diabetes or other medical condition requiring frequent lens changes (as substantiated by an opthamologist) will be eligible for new lenses whenever they have a prescription change. Maritime Life will require a letter from the opthamologist outlining the medical condition.

I wear contact lenses which require frequent change due to a medical condition?

Contact lenses will be covered every (12) months when the covered persons acuity cannot otherwise be corrected to a least 20/70 in the better eye, or when medically necessary. Maritime Life will require a letter from opthamologist outlining the medical condition.

I purchase my glasses from any optometrist, opthamologist optician.

You may purchase the glasses from any licensed optometrist or licensed opthamologist in Ontario. If you purchase the glasses from an optician, then he/she must be a participating provider under the Maritime Life program. If you are not sure whether a specific optician is a participating provider, contact the benefits administrator at your former working location.

Vision expenses for salaried employees Who retired after August 1, 1989

I just purchased a new pair of glasses. How do I submit a claim?

Vision care expenses incurred by those who retired after August 1, 1989 are paid by the flex account program.

To receive reimbursement for Vision care expenses, submit flex account form GB2271 along with a paid receipt to Maritime Life. Note: if you require lens change due to cataract surgery, submit a claim through the prosthetic appliance program as described in question and answer #9 .

Maritime Life general subscriber contact phone number:
416-480-6334  or 1-800-387-8904

Identification number: your social insurance number

Contract number: 7048-20-001 retired prior to Aug. 1, 1989
7048-25-001 retired after Aug. 1, 1989

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