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2-axle work cars are classified as class 892 although the numbers carried start with MVTV 2-. These units were built by Studénka between 1981 & 1992 and are based upon the class 810 diesel railcars. They are 2-axle vehicles with only 1 powered axle and are rated at 155 kW, 208 hp with a top speed of 80 km/h, 50 mph.

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Link to MVTV2-013 MVTV 2-013 Link to MVTV 2-015 MVTV 2-015
Link to MVTV 2-049 MVTV 2-049 Link to MVTV 2-050 MVTV 2-050
Link to MVTV 2-070 MVTV 2-070 Link to MVTV 2-095 MVTV 2-095
Link to MVTV 2-099 MVTV 2-099 Link to MVTV2 inspection units. MVTV 2-110
Link to MVTV2-110 MVTV 2-110 Link to MVTV 2-110 MVTV 2-110

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Last Updated: March 31, 2010
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