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Locomotives below are sorted by 3rd & 4th digit. 
High Speed Classes xx01 to xx19 and heavy freight locos of class 1822

1010-002-mt.jpg (57784 bytes) Class 1010 Electric Locomotive 1110-015-a-mt.jpg (87439 bytes) Class 1110 Electric Locomotive
1012-003-x-mt.jpg (51874 bytes) Class 1012 Electric Locomotive 1014-017-mt.jpg (97343 bytes) Class 1014 Dual Voltage Electrics
1016-003_mt.jpg (73271 bytes) Class 1016 Electric Locomotive 1116-007-mt.jpg (75089 bytes) Class 1116 Dual Voltage Electrics 
Link to OeBB 1216 electrics Class 1216 Triple Voltage Electrics 1822-004-mt.jpg (67879 bytes) Class 1822 Dual Voltage Electrics  

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