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Austrian Railways 
ÖBB Multiple Unit & Push-Pull Control Cars
Österreichische Bundesbahnen

Austrian Flag

ÖBB Numerical classification system:
Units starting with :

  • 4 are Electric powered cars

  • 5 are diesel powered cars

  • 6 are driving trailers as part of a fixed length electric set (EMU)

  • 8 are driving trailers for push-pull sets using either electric or diesel locomotives.

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Link to OeBB 4020 056-0 at Wien-Meidling Electric Multiple Units Classes Link to 5090 004-2 as train R6814 Diesel Multiple Units Classes
4010   4020   4024   4030   4090   4124 5047   5145   5147    5090
6020-105-mt.jpg (53909 bytes) Class 6020 Steuerwagen EMU Set 8033027-8-mt.jpg (48056 bytes) Class 8033/8633 Steuerwagen (Double Deck)
8073-049-mt.jpg (79898 bytes) Class 8073 Steuerwagen


Class 8090 Steuerwagen (Railjet)

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Last Updated: August 15, 2013
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