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Amtrak commenced business in 1971 operating passenger trains over numerous privately owned railroads in the USA. Photos taken in Ontario are ViaRail services operated by Canadian crews using Amtrak equipment which run between Toronto and New York City on a daily basis.
F40PH diesel electrics were the passenger version of the GP40.
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am208-mt.jpg (65412 bytes) F40PH    208 Link to Amtrak 216 F40PH  216
am271-mt.jpg (59497 bytes) F40PH    271 & 268 276-mt.jpg (125033 bytes) F40PH     276
Amtrak 339 at Burlington West F40PH    339 F40PH   341
am344-mt.jpg (53241 bytes) F40PH    344 347-mt.jpg (137017 bytes) F40PH 347

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