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Class 421/4 Electric Multiple Unit

421866 at Eastbourne

Built from 1964 onwards  these 4 car units have one non-driving motor unit, a trailer second and 2 non-motor driving units. Maximum speed is 90 mph, 145 km/h and have 4 185 kW motors rated at 740kW, 992 hp. They pick up current via a 3rd rail at 750 V dc. Originally designated 4CIG by Southern Region, these 4 car express units became class 421/4.  The sets are powered by a 740 kW, 992 hp non-driving motor brake second and have a 90 mph, 145 Kmph top speed. Class 421/4 use mark 6 motor bogies while class 421/3 use the older mark 4 design.

Unit 421866 at Eastbourne, Sussex in platform 2 on a damp Sunday morning June 6th 1999. 
This unit is in Connex South-East livery and the driving second trailer is closest to the camera. This unit dates from the early 1970s and originally had 3 1st class compartments next to the drivers cabs in both driving coaches. Connex had downgraded the 1st class in one coach per unit without changing the 3 aside seating.

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Last Updated: January 24, 2017
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