Southern England Railway Photos
Class 4-CIG Electric Multiple Unit

4-CIG 421719 rushes past Berwick

Built from 1964 onwards  these 4 car units have one non-driving motor unit, a trailer second and 2 non-motor driving units. Maximum speed is 90 mph, 145 km/h and have 4 185 kW motors rated at 740kW, 992 hp. They pick up current via a 3rd rail at 750 V dc.

This is unit 421719 on an eastbound working to Eastbourne passing non-stop through Berwick station on Thursday June 10th, 1999. The rear of the train shows a red panel on the roller blind in lieu of a taillight. The yellow patch on the roof indicates the carriage with first class seating as do the number 1s on the leading edges of the driving cab.
Upper quadrant signals were still in use although the traditional level crossing gates had been replaced with automatic half barriers.

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Last Updated: January 26, 2017
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