Southern England Railway Photos
Class 3-CEP Electric Multiple Unit
Unit 1107

CEPs ( Corridor Electro-pneumatic Braked) designed stock dates from the Kent Coast electrification project of the mid 1950s. The coaches of this set date from 1960-61 and were originally  4 car units but are reduced to 3 car units with two driving motor seconds and a trailer second.  Maximum speed is 90 mph, 145 km/h and have 4 185 kW motors rated at 740kW, 992 hp. They pick up current via a 3rd rail at 750 V dc.

Connex South-East Class 411/9 (3-CEP) emu still in Network South-East livery. Unit 1107 is a 3 car unit formed by removing the trailer second from a 4-CEP and renumbering it from 1520. Photographed in the station siding at Ramsgate on September 21st, 2000.

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Last Updated: January 19, 2017
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