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Class 205 Diesel Multiple Unit
Class 205 Diesel Multiple Unit

Michael Taylor

Introduced in 1957 the class 205, 3 car diesel electric multiple units were originally classed as 3H units for service on non-electrified lines in Hampshire. They were formed of a driving motor unit (600 hp, 450kW), an intermediate trailer and a non-motor driving unit. The motor unit has a powered bogie and an un-powered one. Maximum speed is 75 mph, 120 km/h. 

Unit 205012 was stored in the former steam locomotive run round line at Eastbourne on the morning of Sunday September 25th, 2000. It was running as a two car unit with Driving Motor Brake Second Open 60111 and Driving Trailer Composite Semi-Open 60811 ( both built 1957). Connex were using this 205 unit for Eastbourne-Ashford services via Hastings which provided feeder services into the Channel Tunnel trains.

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Last Updated: January 17, 2017
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