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GP9 locomotives were General Purpose 1750 hp diesel electrics built by EMD (USA) & GMD in London between 1954 & 1959 and were in service with many North American Railways. They were a development of the earlier GP7 rated at 1500 hp.
They were built in the steam era and were designed to operate with the long nose forward and some were fitted with steam heat in the short hood for passenger trains. In the late 1980s a start was made to rebuild them with low short hoods and to operate with the short hood leading.
Both the 4000 & 4100 series are classified as Road locomotives, classified as GR-418a through GR-418f. The 4100 series (rebuilt 1984 to 1991) is 5 tons lighter than the 4000 series (rebuilt 1981 to 1984) and is 2000 lbs lower in tractive effort.
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